Tuesday, September 20, 2016

Post 3: DarkChirano Art Extravaganza

It's been quite some time since I posted here. I was just refining my skills to justify uploading any more art.

This time, all these pieces were made for the purposes of showcasing. In addition, there's more of a variety between these posts and the methods used to create them. Finally, as a special bonus, I'll actually show step-by-step how this and another character concept was created.

Let's start off with one of humankind's most relateable animals- the monkey. Or, in this case, the Prince of the Stars- Prince Gene.

While normally, artists are expected to go through a few draft drawings of the character before deciding on a final one, I liked the gist of this general design enough to go with it. It's rare that a phenomenon like that happens, though. And of course, this design is a little basic. So let's go to wardrobe.

Since I had a bit of a "Journey to the West" idea regarding what I originally envisioned Gene for, I decided to look up imperial robes. Naturally, Gene being monkey led me to go ape in the patterns adorning his robe. Though I went for a basic tropical design at first, it wasn't really that appealing. (...OK, that was just terrible.) So, to emphasize his connections to the stars more, I went for a spatial design instead- mixed with bananas.

Now, we get to a basic drawthrough for Gene. As a bit of a precaution for drawing on a blank landscape, it's best to go with grey. Staring at pure white can be damaging to the eyes.

Following that, we refine the details of the drawthrough even moreso, adding the robe onto the Prince. Sometimes, details change after the initial concept. Also, a drawthrough is not gospel and/or absolute- it's just a guide to help with the actual outline.

 Like so. Here, there's some fur where Gene's head and ear connect, making the image more credible. Also, there's some extra fur that was strangely missing in the drawthroughs.
Now, we add and decide on a color scheme. While I didn't save the following, originally, Gene's robe was mostly red, with some white-yellow. However, it looked less godly and more gawdy. Eventually, I decided on a simpler black and white color scheme, with the other three prime colors mixed in to emphasize Gene's interstellar nature.

While this part wasn't actually necessary, I felt the need to add a space background. It just made the image more complete, especially in light of the final shading.
Which is this image. All that work led to some nice eye-candy. Now- gaze upon Prince Gene, as he meditates upon the road of darkness.

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