Sunday, June 28, 2015

Post 2

For my first act, I submit a piece of concept art depicting a boss' office. This was part of a project- to make a short where a custom made boss character would fire a supplied employee character in some way. Of course, I decided the most comical course of action would be to take this as literally as possible. This is one of those times I decided to include the ambient occlusion shading technique (where darkness gathers at 90 degree angles).
Next, we have a setting from a fake bible pitch I did, called Sk8eroes. This run-down house is the home of the otherwise well-adjusted main hero. I always had a thing for the underdog.
Following on from that is two of the characters, Harold and Zira, in a sewer, a crocodile planning from the shadows. I really went all out in ensuring the textures were convincing and authentic.
Finally, I present the cover piece to this fake bible, depicting the three main characters. From left to right, Frank, Oliver (the main hero) and Zira are present.

Friday, June 26, 2015

Post 1

For my first post, I might as well demonstrate some variation-based illustrations.

Here, we have 3 weapons in 3 different flavors. A jagged scythe, a harpsichord sword, even some woodchucks to chuck wood! Normal shading, as well as the dodge and burn tools, were used in giving these weapons some believability in their ability to grievously harm.

Next, we have two seafaring women. One, ragged in her attire. The other, regal, yet still suffering the wounds of pillaging. As one can see, I went all out differentiating them from each other.

Finally, we have another four weapon variation, this time concerning futuristic guns. Whether only needing hands or requiring some hefty shoulders,  there's definitely a spectrum of options here. My personal favorite is the middle gun.

Post 0: Intro

It's been quite some time since I posted at this website, hasn't it? Welcome to my artblog!

Here, I'll be posting my art for interested parties to see, for the sake of a possible future.
Even those just browsing will hopefully derive some learning and education from this blog.

Enough beating around the brush: welcome to my digital museum!