Sunday, June 28, 2015

Post 2

For my first act, I submit a piece of concept art depicting a boss' office. This was part of a project- to make a short where a custom made boss character would fire a supplied employee character in some way. Of course, I decided the most comical course of action would be to take this as literally as possible. This is one of those times I decided to include the ambient occlusion shading technique (where darkness gathers at 90 degree angles).
Next, we have a setting from a fake bible pitch I did, called Sk8eroes. This run-down house is the home of the otherwise well-adjusted main hero. I always had a thing for the underdog.
Following on from that is two of the characters, Harold and Zira, in a sewer, a crocodile planning from the shadows. I really went all out in ensuring the textures were convincing and authentic.
Finally, I present the cover piece to this fake bible, depicting the three main characters. From left to right, Frank, Oliver (the main hero) and Zira are present.

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