Tuesday, September 20, 2016

Post 4

Here's another round of artwork, just for this ocassion. This time, in addition to my own characters, there's one third-party character included. In addition, there's a little spritework.

Starting off this post is the storm dragon, Raiaspark. Just look at all that dampened ground behind the sparkling lizard. Yet he still crackles on.

Next, we have Ed the Reguuldroid, within the heat of an active volcano. Good thing he can actually take the heat, or we'd have a mess of metal to clean up.

Getting into the sprites, here's a boy. Just a boy. Who we'll call Fold.
Opposing Fold is this huge truck of a warthog wrestler, Brassen. He's a smug, huge wart, I'll tell you what.

Which brings us to the one character on this blog I didn't create- someone people at large have known about for nearly a century...

...DC Comics/Warner Bros.' iconic villain, the Joker. Rather than being based on one past design, my take on the Joker includes elements of the 90s animated version, the NES Return of the Joker take, and the Under the Red Hood interpretation. I think I even see some Caesar Romero in there, and I wasn't even trying to include that version.

This design just goes to show that while new things are important in broadening storytelling culture, there's no shame in returning to the past to find new inspiration. In addition, rather than going to an extreme of old or new, they should be combined together. Or, in other words, bringing in past ideas to build a foundation, then layer new ideas on top of and even alongside them.

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