Tuesday, September 20, 2016

Post 5

Here's another in depth look at how I create my art. The subject this time is someone named Maya Brava.

Maya Brava had actually been conceived a while ago, as an homage to famous game character Samus Aran- similar in some ways, but vastly different in others. I fully drew Maya only now not just for this blog, but also as a service to fans who felt jaded by two of Nintendo's official stances on their Metroid series, as well as one unofficial stance.

Enough of that, though. Let's start with the original pencils.

As we can see, the helmet alone went through several different variations. Number 1 proved especially wonky, while Number 4 seemed a little too clownish. Thankfully, Number 5 shed some light on a unique design. The other armaments, meanwhile, provided their own phases.

We finally get to a computer-generated rough drawthrough here. While it technically looks good, the helmet and chestplates seem a little uneven. Thankfully, this got rectified in the outline.

See? Nothing a little lassoing, copying and pasting can't handle.

While we are technically skipping steps here, the original coloration for Maya was always intended to be blue, to contrast with her inspiration. The only real change from the original plan was her ring braces were meant to be gold. They got changed to a light silver for a little variety.

As for the scenery, it's just the average laboratory based, filled with alien monsters.
Add a little texture, a little lighting, some ambient occlussion, and- we're done. Now, let's hope Maya Brava can blast those alien monsters apart.

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